My Primary Lymphedema & Angiosarcoma (Part 1) – WARNING – This Section Includes Graphic Pictures

WARNING – The Next Section Includes Graphic Pictures (Not For The Squeamish!!!)

It took three and a half months for me to finally get to see a a Dermatologist. (Long Story!!!)

In the meantime the following photographs show how the tumour grew from May 2012 to July 2012…………….

31st May 2012

003b - 31.05.12 - Vicki's Leg c

003c - 31.05.12 - Vicki's Leg d

12th July 2012

003d - 12.07.12 - Vicki's Leg b

20th July 2012 – Aged 47 – Finally I went to see the Dermatologist at Hull Royal Infirmary and he took one look and suspected it was cancer of some sort and said he would rush it through to have a Plastic Surgeon take a sample of it and then decide how they were going to approach it with being on a Lymphedema Leg. But he did state that the lump really needs to come out ASAP!

23rd July 2012

003e - 23.07.12 - Vicki's Leg a

24th July 2012

003f - 24.07.12 - Vicki's Leg a

003g - 24.07.12 - Vicki's Leg c

25th July 2012 – Aged 47 – I had an appointment with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Castle Hill Hospital. He took one look and decided he wanted a sample taken ASAP and then would decide how he was going to remove the lump. Again he thinks it is some type of cancer but is unwilling to remove it until he gets it under his microscope! I had a phone call later that day requesting that I come back in to Castle Hill the very next day.

26th July 2012 – Aged 47 – I went back to Castle Hill to have biopsy’s taken from my leg, which hurt like hell, even though they numbed the area. Now we have to await the results, which took FIVE WEEKS (Another Long Story!!!) and as you can see in the photo below, the tumour grew in size!

26th July 2012 – Before The Biopsy

003h - 26.07.12 - Vicki's Leg a

27th July 2012 – After The Biopsy

003i - 27.07.12 - Vicki's Leg c

Here is a picture of five photographs showing my leg and the tumour. They were taken from the 26th July 2012 to the 26th August 2012 and you can see how big the tumour grew in just one month……..

26th July 2012 To 26th August 2012

26.07.12 - 26.08.12 - Leg (Dated)

Don’t forget to click the pictures to open them up into a larger window!

All photographs on this website cannot be used without prior permission

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