My Primary Lymphedema & Angiosarcoma (Part 3) – WARNING – This Section Includes Graphic Pictures

4th September 2012 – A few days after the meeting the Hull Daily Mail (Our local paper) phoned me back up and did an on phone, in depth, interview.

5th September 2012 – I went for my CT & MIR Scan at Castle Hill Hospital

8th September 2012 – Hull Daily Mail ran my story, even though it is worded wrong and a bit exaggerated, but hey, that’s papers for you!

005a - Hull Daily Mail 08.09.12

10th September 2012 – I had an appoinment with my Consultant Plastic Surgeon to get my results from the scans. The results were mixed, first off the cancer didn’t seem to be spread around my body which is a positive and he did say he would try and save my leg and that we would have to take it stage by stage.

11th September 2012 – I went for my Pro-op Assement!

12th September 2012 – I went in for my operation to remove the Angiosarcoma from my left leg.

13th September 2012 – Massive hole in my leg (I can see the bone, muscle & ligaments!)

WARNING – The Next Bit Includes Graphic Pictures

(Not For The Squeamish. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!)

These picture were taken the day after my operation………..

14.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1868

14.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1871

This is my Shark Bite look (As I was calling it!)

14.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1873

14.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1874

14.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1877

14.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1878

14.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1880

14.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1882

21.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1923

This is my Tandoori Chicken look! (All I need now is the rice!)

21.09.12 - Vicki's Leg - IMG_1924

Nurse Skelton on duty! (You’ve got to laugh otherwise you’d crack up!)

23.09.12 - Nurse Vicki - IMG_1925

14th September 2012 – Physio came & gave me physio excercises & crutches

2 thoughts on “My Primary Lymphedema & Angiosarcoma (Part 3) – WARNING – This Section Includes Graphic Pictures”

  1. Are you okay?

    • Hi there…..Sorry it has taken me a while to answer your question….. but yes at the moment I’m fine thank you. Trying to get use to the false leg and having another operation to take the excess flesh from the leg. Also I’m still having my six monthly CT Scans to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread to my lungs. My next Scan is 30th June so fingers crossed.

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