My Primary Lymphedema & Angiosarcoma (Part 4)

27th September 2012 – I was informed today that the results came back from the skin they removed from my leg and although the top half of my leg was clear, the bottom half was still infected with cancer. That result would mean that the best course of action would be to amputate my leg from above the knee in an effort to make sure the cancer could not spread.

30th September 2012 – The Hull Daily Mail (Our Local Paper) interviewed me from my hospital bed via phone for an update to the story they ran a few weeks earlier.

2nd October 2012 – Hull Daily Mail ran the updated story…

Vic 2

Also today, even though I didn’t know about it, the national Daily Mail ran the story too. I didn’t mind really as it was a good way to promote awareness of Lymphedema and Angiosarcoma and hopefully if it saves someones life reading this story, all the better!

005c - Daily Mail (National Paper) - 02.10.12

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