Primary Lymphedema & Above Knee Amputation (Part 1) – WARNING – This Section Includes Graphic Pictures

3rd October 2012 – Today I was going to have an above knee amputation surgery. Hopefully this would remove all the traces of cancer from my limb which would give me a better chance of surviving although the surgeons were a bit concerned about me having Lymphedema and how it would react after surgery and during the healing process also there was concern about my leg getting infected as anyone living with Lymphedema knows how easily Lymph limps are prone to infection.

I was taken down at 2.00pm for the operation and I had something placed into the small of my back called a “block” it is very similar to a epidural to numb you from the waist down so you don’t feel any pain. I was also asked if I would like to stay awake through the procedure, I declined!!! Although I love to watch operations on TV and the Internet, I didn’t want to watch it live on myself.

Was I scared/worried about the operation………….. No! I was more concerned about after the operation being bed bound and having to use a bed pan. In the past I have worked in nursing homes and I didn’t mind doing helping other people, but there is no way I could have it done for me, I needed to go by myself! I already warned all the nurses about my phobia of not being able to go to the bathroom myself and so they arranged it for the physio team to come see me.

I was back on the ward at about 6.00pm with something called bomb attached to my little leg. (I don’t like the word Stump, so from now on I will refer to it as my little leg!) Which was supposed to stop the pain, but it didn’t for the first day or so but they made sure I was well medded up………. thankfully!!!

4th October 2012 – This morning (Early) The physio team came and gave me help and advice on the safest way to get out of bed and move around the ward. They brought me a wheelchair to see if I could get in and out of bed safely, which I did then they took the wheel chair away as I had to have one measured for me which hopefully would be with me in a couple of days. In the meantime I commandeered the ward wheel chair so I could get around although it was much to the disapproval of the physio team when they found out I was using it but when a girl has got to go, she has to go!

Even though I was well drugged up and I had the “Bomb” attached to my little leg I started to have the symptoms of “Phantom Leg” where although you know your leg is no longer there, you can feel it and your toes wiggling!

7th October 2012 – Here are a few photos of my leg after they have taken the bomb out. As you can see my scares from my above knee amputation surgery are very neat. My leg was very swollen, quite painful and I was still having shooting pains going up and down the FULL (Phantom) leg!

006a - 07.10.12 - IMG_1954

006b - 07.10.12 -IMG_1955

006c - 07.10.12 -IMG_1956

11 thoughts on “Primary Lymphedema & Above Knee Amputation (Part 1) – WARNING – This Section Includes Graphic Pictures”

  1. Estelle Richer said:

    Is there a way to find out how this person is doing now??? I am thinking of having my leg amputated also because of extreme lympheodema (over 27 years and getting worst). I do not have cancer but my leg weighs at least 100 lbs. It is very difficult to walk, get dressed or even turning in bed causes problems… I am looking for more information before deciding!!!

  2. Hi Estelle I’m sorry I haven’t received any e-mails from you šŸ˜¦
    Did you click on the left hand side of the wed page were it says click here to e-mail me.
    If you have done this do try again Estelle…….. Hope to hear from you soon

  3. I would Contact Dr. Schingale at the Lymph-Opt clinic:
    Lympho Opt Fachklinik
    Happurger Str. 15
    91224 Hohenstadt

    Telefon: 09154 – 911 200
    Telefax: 09154 – 911 202



    Lympho Opt Therapiezentrum Hirschbach
    Am Vorraberg 1
    92275 Hirschbach

    Telefon: 09152 – 92 88 140
    Telefax: 09152 – 92 88 111


    They have had very good results with Lympedema patients from all over the world

  4. christine said:

    Can you please email me at so I can chat with you? Thank you very much

  5. Hi Vicki.Can i pm or email you?.I have primary lymphedema,wear kneelength grade 2 compression stockings,but i fear its getting worse-havnt seen any bones in my feet for prob a year now.The medical staff here in Ireland havnt much idea i’m affraid-theres no help or advice either-some if you’ve lymphedema due to cancer surgery,but none for naturally(?) occuring lymphedema.Worryingly i have some darker areas like youve highlighted on my swolen legs.
    thanks bob

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