Primary Lymphedema & Above Knee Amputation (Part 2)

12th October 2012 – I finally received my own wheelchair and was able to go where I wanted, when I wanted without having to try and borrow the wards communal wheelchair. Whoopee!

14th October 2012 – Today I had a lot of pain in my back! At first I thought it was due to overuse in my new wheelchair as the wheels were set too far back for me to reach. Later on that day the pain in my back got even worse and by visiting time (6.00pm) the muscles in my back were spasming so bad I ended up in tears. The nurses gave me some Oramorph to try and ease the pain but that didn’t work either. The pain was that bad I couldn’t even speak and my breathing was labored. With my visitors gone I went to bed in the hopes of sleeping off this terrible pain.

15th October 2012 – At 6.00am I had my Ob’s (Daily Observations) taken. The nurse in charge, who was taking my Ob’s found that my Stats were low and called for an emergency ward doctor. I was then sent for a CT Scan and they found out I had two blood clots (One Large & One Small) on my right hand lung. At that point they injected me with a large dose of Fragmin and told me I would be on Warfarin for the next six months to make sure the clots would dissipate but they would still leave scaring on my lung!

Information about Embolisms (Blood Clots) can be found at the link below………

Information about Wararin can be found at the link below………

Information about Fragmin can be found at the link below………


25th October 2012 – My daily routine of breakfast in bed and a shower was turned upside down when I fell out of wheelchair in shower room. I was placing my shower things on the table near the shower, the wheelchair then tipped up, I put my good leg out in front of me to stop myself from falling but my leg just went skidding off which ended up with my full body weight crashing down on my little leg, it hurt that much I cried out in pain. I didn’t look at my little leg in case my wound had reopened and because I was on Warfarin I knew if it was bleeding it would take a very long time to stop it. I crawled across the floor, holding my leg tightly, pulled the emergency cord and waited for the nurses to come to my aid! Luckily enough my skin was still intact and the only bad thing was that I had lots of internal bruising which hurt like hell! To this day I still don’t know how it happened but it did feel like my wheelchair was lifted up and tilted forward from behind although nobody else was in the bathroom with me.

29th October 2012 – Today I was allowed a home visit with the Physiotherapists to see how I would get around our home. The first obstacle was our front door step which is very high. We cannot have a ramp on our home as it fronts straight onto a public footpath and we have no access to our backway. The Physiotherapists worked out the best way for me to get in was for me to stand up from my wheelchair turn around holding on handles at each side of our front door then back up onto my mobile commode. Once sat on the commode I could push myself back near the stairs while the wheelchair was brought into the front room door. I could then transfer from the commode at front door and into the front room back into my wheelchair. Going from the front room into the kitchen was a very tight squeeze as our old home isn’t made for wheelchair access and the wheelchair gets tightly stuck in the door frame. Getting from the Kitchen to the bathroom meant again switching back to the mobile commode, I was then able to lift myself from the commode and onto the toilet.

Going upstairs was a pain too as I had to transfer from my wheelchair to a zimmer frame and hop to the bottom of the stairs, lower myself to the third step then push myself up with my arms and my remaining leg. Not the most elegant way to get upstairs!

Once up the stairs I had to shuffle on my backside to my bed were I had to lift myself up onto a made-up step then from the step onto the bed. After all of that exercise I just wanted to lay down and goto sleep. Anyway, back down the stairs I headed to sit on our now, raised, settee for a well earned cup of tea! I was now informed that they would need to make a few more adjustments before I was allowed home!

Now for the bad news… I found out that our bath/shower, computer room and the garage, were the washer, dryer, fridge, freezer & wheelie bins are kept, was out of bounds for me due to safety concerns, width and step restrictions!

1st November 2012 – Because I was still in hospital I had transport arranged to take me to the Artificial Limb Unit in Sykes Street, Hull for an assessment to see if I could have an artificial leg with me having Lymphedema. After my initial examination my Physiotherapist & the Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine decided I could have a artificial leg, but he said whether or not I would be able to wear it would be a different matter.

6th November 2012 – Finally I was allowed home.

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