Primary Lymphedema & Above Knee Amputation (Part 3) – WARNING – This Section Includes Graphic Pictures

Here are a few pictures of my leg healing………….

007a - 11.10.12 - IMG_1957

007b - 17.10.12 - IMG_1960

007c - 17.10.12 - IMG_1962

007d - 22.10.12 - IMG_1975

007e - 22.10.12 - IMG_1976

007f - 31.10.12 - IMG_1979

007g - 04.11.12 - IMG_1989

007h - 04.11.12 - IMG_1992

007j - 05.11.12 - IMG_1996

More To Come

7 thoughts on “Primary Lymphedema & Above Knee Amputation (Part 3) – WARNING – This Section Includes Graphic Pictures”

  1. Keep on healing!

  2. Lisa Mortimer said:

    What a Fantastic site Vicki, this is so educational and an amazing source of info for people going through even a small amount that you have been and are going through. Congratulations Vicki and Good Luck on the next part of your journey
    Lisa XXXXX

  3. Lisa Mortimer said:

    I’ve every confidence that it will. It’s fantastic xx

  4. Dear viki, I am a 11 year old girl and I’m gonna have abouve knee amputation and I wanted to ask you if it was painful and if they put you to sleep wail they did the amputation

    • Hello there…… to your question yes they do put you to sleep when having the operation, the nursing staff will also monitor your pain levels after the operation. You may even have a round ball full of pain killers attracted to your leg when you wake up from the operation. Hope this helps 🙂

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